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Help Palo Alto Get a Community Skatepark Built

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How to help

If you would like to help Palo Alto get a skatepark, please sign the petition that is being sent to the city council. If you will be able to join city council meetings or want to join our mailing list, fill out the form on the contact page.

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Why we Need a Skatepark

 Palo Alto only has one skate park. It is a large bowl that is great for skating, however, the size of some parts and the steep walls can possibly discourage less experienced skaters from attempting to use it. We want to create a skatepark with a good mix of street and transition features. The park we are trying to create will include a mix of different features, with different levels of difficulty to support all skill levels. Greer Park is a historical skatepark, being the second concrete park constructed in California after the shutdowns in the late 80s. The park at Greer is great, however, it does not provide much variety for what to skate, and the surface is slick with graffiti. The petition for a newly updated park gained almost 1,400 supporters in the first two weeks of being up, showing that Palo Alto definitely has a need for a skatepark. 

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