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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the park only be for skateboarders?

No! the park will be available to anyone who can benefit from it. This includes Skateboarders, BMX biking, Scootering, Rollerskating / Rollerblading, etc.

Greer park is historical! how will you prevent it from being harmed?

in the 1980s, there was nothing protecting cities from lawsuits from skateboarders if they got injured, causing almost all skateparks to be shut down. Greer skatepark was the second concrete skatepark constructed in California after the wave of shutdowns. Built in 1991, Greer skatepark is a piece of skateboarding history in California. Although it would we great to have a new skatepark in a new location, it depends on what land is provided by the parks and rec department. If the new skatepark would be built as an addition onto the current Greer skatepark, it would be a top priority to prevent the altering or damage of the historical bowl and to add a new sister park to Greer, without altering what is currently there.

Is skateboarding dangerous? how will you prevent the users of the park from being injured?

As with most sports and activities, skateboarding does have risks involved. That does not, however, mean that risk is guaranteed.  Skateboarders are expected to perform within their range of skills. Somebody who has been skateboarding for 5 years may have the skill required to ollie down large sets of stairs safely, whereas somebody who has been skating for 5 months may not. In general, skaters have a pretty good grasp on their level of skill and are able to judge what they can and cannot do. In order for skateboarders to gain the skills to safely perform larger stunts, they need a skatepark to increase their level of skill. California state law requires anybody under the age of 18 to wear a helmet, and the skatepark would be compliant of this law.

What are the liability risks for the city?

Skateboarding and in-line skating are deemed hazardous recreational activities, within the meaning of Government Code Section 831.7, and by Health and Safety.  This means that the city is not liable for personal injury occurring on a skateboard at a skatepark.

How will the park be funded?

The skatepark will likely be funded by donations, fundraisers, and government and company financial grants

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