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Skatepark Testimonials

My son loves to skate and spends all his time at Burgess, a shame we do not have that in Palo Alto.

I want to encourage kids to engage in outdoor activities. A beginner bowl is a good idea so kids don’t hurt them selves attempting the harder one. Having Next to the current one makes the most sense, so kids of different levels can go together. This also sounds like a good “ social distance” activity.

My kids and I are beginner skate & scooters and would get huge benefit from a park with different terrain where we can practice our skills. Our experience this summer at Greer was that the bowl was constantly in high demand making it hard for beginners to find a time where we could avoid getting in the way of advanced riders. This shows that there is already sustained community interest in features for wheel sports!

I’ve lived in Palo Alto since 1990 and have skateboarded for most of those years. Always skate Greer for a quick session, but end up going to Fair Oaks in Sunnyvale, Rengstorff in Mountain View, or Burgess in Menlo Park to get a real session in. Greer is great! History and a novelty, but if you created an updated sister park next to it, it would be so much better!

I’m signing because I’m supporting the inclusion of youth-driven sports like skateboarding, BMX biking, and scootering. I have seen such cool things happen at these parks such as creativity, community, collaboration, healthy fun. Our youth deserve it!!

Testimonials for Skateboarding: Testimonials
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